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And then one year

But there was no professional marketing.” At the bustling market just 500 metres from the Maidan, a treasure trove for football lovers, the demand is no longer for memorabilia of the local clubs . cheap nfl jerseys
The demand is for jerseys of European clubs. As if to strike the final blow to the antiquated footballing system of the city, Amlan, whose shop is almost 50 years old, states a new reality: “Atletico de Kolkata’s jersey is the new favourite.”.

And then one year, when I was about 13, Stuttgart approached me and my father, and asked if I would join the club. To go to a top academy would be the dream of many young footballers, but I wanted to stay close to home, with my friends and with my family. I just felt the time wasn right for me to leave.

Decide whether you want to run your online retail store through a drop ship company, which gives you access to a variety of fashions you can sell on your website, without holding an inventory, since the items ship from the drop ship company’s website. You could also opt to set up your online retail store through a third party, such as Etsy or eBay, which charge a fee per item posted or sold. Another option is to purchase clothing, at wholesale prices, directly from designers, or create your own clothing to sell..

The AAA not only gives you point to point driving directions, but also allows you to highlight gas stations along your route, including frequently updated gas prices for each location. You have to zoom in to a pretty detailed view of your route, but the tool allows you to plan where to stop for gas ahead of time instead of roaming around looking for good prices. You don even have to be an AAA member to use the feature..

Description: It is another comedy film, and is based on Paul Crewe (Reynolds), a former football quarterback, who is now in prison. He is convinced by a guard, who is a football fan, to start his own prison team to play against the guards. He does so and goes on to win.

Even in the Nineties pomp of Will Carling, when American football was making its first tentative incursions into the British market via the late and little lamented London Monarchs, this kind of commodification was unconscionable. Twickenham’s custodians might recently have sanctioned the precious turf being used for Rolling Stones concerts and the occasional convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but they have broadly stayed true to the founding principle that this is a stage for rugby union alone.
To bend the rules of admission for well upholstered linebackers with their visors and lurid mouthguards is tantamount, in the purists’ view, to a desecration..

Think that overrated

Epidemiologic studies have produced inconsistent results regarding the impact of maternal use of SSRIs during embryogenesis. Some studies have reported an increased risk of congenital heart defects,11819202122 while others report no association.1823242526272829303132 Some publications implicate paroxetine253334353637 and fluoxetine2638 as specific SSRIs that are most teratogenic for congenital heart defects, while others do not.1819232426353639 These inconsistent results could be a consequence of a complex relation between similar risk factors, genetics, behaviors, and metabolic pathways for both mental illness and congenital heart jerseys
Women are prescribed SSRIs for various illnesses, including but not limited to depression, panic disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Think that overrated, Kelly said. Think part of being a good leader is being able to articulate your vision. You don have to be a yeller or a screamer to do that. the process is automated, so that you have to do little more than enter your email address and password and you’re set. On the final screen, you’re asked to enter a “Display Name” and an “Account Name.” (If you have corporate email you want to set up, check out this handy guide). Otherwise, just follow the instructions on screen, and when you’re finishing up, remember:.

“She justpopped in my brain one day and was sort of a valentine to the big, strong women that I grew up with. I thought she’d make an amazing, different and subversive kind of rapper in this day and age.”He developed Patti Cake$ in screenwriting and directing labs at the Sundance Institute, and says the script went through 10 wildly different iterations over the years. Coming from a music video background,”you just throw out the craziest ideas,” Jasper said.

However, dating significantly younger women can have a lot to do with culture. In some parts of the world, typically where there is no social security, it makes sense for a girl to look for an older guy. Older men will have more money and be less flighty than a boy of their own age..

When Chip Kelly plucked Tim Tebow away from his SEC Network desk and signed him to the Philadelphia Eagles, few understood the rationale. How could a guy who thrown eight passes in four years be a worthy roster member of a team with serious playoff aspirations. (But not serious championship aspirations because, come on, these are the Eagles.).

5, 2016Under Armour Chief Executive Officer and founder Kevin Plank, left, shakes hands with Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred after an Under Armour announcement event at Major League Baseball’s winter meetings,
Monday, Dec. 5, 2016 in Oxon Hill, Md. Under Armour will take over as the supplier of Major League Baseball uniforms in 2020.

People were told to evacuate

They’re on both sides of this issue, tying to figure out how they feel about it all. But I’ve got to talk to Arsalan to find out what’s up, because he’s our Chicago guy. What do you make of all this, Arsalan?. wholesale jerseys
Oh my God. Give Peyton a deduction for his beer choice, but Brady choice of words may be worse. Edge: Manning, reluctantly.

Malls will fail or convert to non retail space over the next decade, Business Insider reports. Malls will fail within 15 to 20 years. Penney. Fashion is a lot of things, beautiful, befuddling, bizarre, and bodacious. A dress or a silhouette that can look ethereal and utterly gorgeous on the runway, can look like a disaster from outer space in real life. And if getting the look right is not task enough, you need to ensure that you get the trend right while making it work for your body type and facial structure.

People were told to evacuate the Hamilton Place Mall after at least one victim was rushed away in an ambulance.’You have to give credit to the man for being willing to intervene,” McManus said. “Unfortunately, this man was too eager to shoot.The shooting reportedly took place outside of a Sears store. Chattanooga Police confirmed it took place after a fight broke out,WRCBreports.The latest shooting took place at a mall in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where chaos broke out about 4pm.

The placing of the late Viscountess Rothermere’s 10.8 per cent stake in Daily Mail General Trust, the newspaper group, went through smoothly in the hands of brokers UBS and Cazenove. The pounds 15.80 realised for the A shares was at a tight discount to the pounds 15.975 at which the shares stood when the deal was announced earlier in the week and on Thursday. They ended down just 5p at pounds 15.925..

Harper’s strategy of openness is calculated. First and foremost, it is a direct challenge to the malignant culture of concealment on Jersey that, for decades, has prevented this scandal being made public. It is also an appeal to victims of the home’s allegedly sadistic and perverted regime to come forward, in the confidence that they will be believed, to give evidence and name the guilty..

At 24 he could weave blues, rock, soul, pop and R’n'B together in a way that commanded critical and popular attention. Springsteen and his band spent more than a year in the studio working on the third album. It was an exhausting struggle to try and translate the sounds that he could hear in his head onto the record.

His father was a miner and then a cotton spinner and spent six years in the Army during which Whelan only saw him once. “When I saw him next I didn’t recognise him.” He was a good defensive footballer and turned pro for Blackburn, earning 20 a
But his career crashed at the age of 22 with the FA Cup Final injury.

The state and local tax burden

Once combined, spread the hash evenly over the pan and firmly press down with a jerseys
Place a heavy lid, heatproof plate or second pan directly atop the hash and allow to cook until browned, approximately 10 minutes. After 10 minutes stir mixture, press down again, top with the lid and allow to cook another 5 to 6 minutes, or until browned.

The state and local tax burden on New Mexico residents is the tenth lowest in the country. The state has a slightly below average business climate, with a corporate tax rate ranging from 4.8% to 7.6%. Gasoline taxes are quite low, but excise taxes on alcohol and cigarettes are above average.

Under the terms of the ASR s, Cognizant will make a $500.0 million payment to each of Barclays, Citibank and UBS on March 14, 2017 and expects to receive from each of them on the same day an initial delivery of approximately 7.2 million shares of Common Stock. The final number of shares to be repurchased will be based on the volume weighted average stock price of the Common Stock during the term of the transaction, less a discount and subject to potential adjustments pursuant to the terms of the relevant ASR s. At settlement, under certain circumstances, each of Barclays, Citibank and UBS may be required to deliver additional shares of Common Stock to the Company, or under certain circumstances, the Company may be required to deliver shares of Common Stock or to make a cash payment, at its election, to Barclays, Citibank and UBS, as applicable.

The piece of agricultural history that made a huge difference was the mechanical reaper. This farming invention, invented in July of 1831, saved harvesters a lot of back breaking work. Cyrus McCormick was the one to thank for liberating farm workers with this modern marvel, well modern by their standards.

So what the fuck am I thinking, right? Well, let’s look at what happened to all those beautiful dreams: A) They turned out to be wildly unrealistic because the world was still ass backwards at the time and B) the dreamers got filled with bullets and bled out in front of a national audience. John and Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Medgar Evers: The 60s had a real boner for just up and shooting optimists. The 00s threw shoes and did walk by smack talk.

Bundling. Bundlers involve themselves in fewer activities, but they get more mileage out of those activities.
They examine their busy lives and look for areas in which they can dip. They lure us with their enchanting appeal. One may not resist the temptation of enjoying the ride behind the wheels of a new model. But being involved into a flex leasing bond, you do not like to opt for another lease contract.

Around here and in the carpark

The intensity of your aerobic workout is one of the most important jerseys
If you exercise at an intensity level that is too high, you may not be able to cycle for your desired duration. If you exercise at an intensity level that is too low, the duration required to meet your goal may exceed your allotted time.

Around here and in the carpark there are continual places where people gather at night. It could have been going on for months.”People in the church had been feeling “a bit anxious and not so trusting” since the late night dealing was noticed. Photo / Greg BowkerAnother resident saw 15 to 20 officers, some in “riot gear”, raiding the building at 5.30am.One cop had a rifle and another carried a shield.The apartment block hit the headlines recently because of anti social behaviour and a near fatal stabbing.Housing New Zealand owns 40 of the 278 apartments at Imperial Gardens Apartments where two properties are thought to have been raided by police.Housing NZ wouldn’t say if any of its apartments were searched.A nearby resident who wouldn’t be named said she and her husband had been offered drugs when passing the Hobson St carpark.She’d also witnessed drug dealing and another suspicious “quick exchange”.”I’ve lived on Hobson St for four years.

This after a stunning reversal of his fate, to let him play despite charges he beat his 4 year old son with a tree branch. We made a mistake. And we needed to get this right. Now in its eighth year, Your Old Band t shirt to Work Day has grown into a celebration of the music t shirt and the stories they tell, as well as being a chance for people to demonstrate their passion for a particular artist or group. For the special day on Friday 27 November, Steve will be encouraging music lovers around the UK to dig out their favourite old band tee and wear it with pride wherever they are and whatever they doing whether that at home, at college, at work. If they do and send in a picture via email or uploaded using tshirtday, 6 Music will play a song relating to the artist or band on their t shirt on air between 7am and 7pm..

It also presents the question of philosophy, should you plan car based photography driving from one point to another (no small task itself) or do you want to hike one of the many spectacular trails in order to enjoy the more intimate experience and more thoroughly explore the canyon itself. Keep in mind, canyon trails can range from easy hiking to experts only.
Canyon hiking is deceptively difficult as the inexperienced hiker finds the first half of the hike easy going (cooler temperatures, great scenery and gravity is your friend) and it isn’t until the hike back up that they discover the trap a canyon has set for them (hotter part of the day, staring at the tops of your hiking boots every step and gravity is now a mortal enemy).

How does arbitration work?

We have beautiful custom marine rings for you to choose from and with the selection of side images you will find something appropriate. Military Class Rings for the Air Force Langley AF Base Virginia Flying high above the clouds in some place around the world you would expect to find a pilot flying an Air Force F 16 or some other make of military jerseys
What have they in common? Well they have been trained on one of the finest Air Bases located throughout the United States.

How does arbitration work? Players and teams exchange figures, and if no agreement is reached between the two, the case is referred to an arbitrator. Pierre, 28, whom the Cubs acquired from the Florida Marlins for three Minor League pitchers, made $3.7 million in 2005. He is coming off a season in which he hit .276 with two homers, 47 RBIs and 57 stolen bases in 162 games.

In that case, I will advise them that the credit card company will not yet offer you a discounted rate because you are not late on your payments yet. Only when you become delinquent on your payments then will they be open to settling your debt. The longer you do not pay the debt the better discount you will receive.

25, 2016. Libya with its 1,770 kilometres (1,100 miles) of coastline has become a hub of illegal immigration towards Europe in the absence of proper border controls in a country plunged into chaos. Migrants head in rickety makeshift boats for the Italian island of Lampedusa some 300 kilometres off the coast.

You can’t get mad at people for following the law. Do you get mad at people for not murdering you? (Actually, that question was to you.) Anyway, in my defense, I’ve never, ever honked at someone for obeying the speed limit (even the minimum speed limit). I just slowly lose my mind.

“At times on the Tour I was more tired than I thought. I spoke to them about it and asked them why I was feeling like that. They said, ‘Yeah I know why you are tired, because it is hard and you have just completed four days in the Alps.’ We got to the top of La Toussuire.

Christie’s Clinton jujitsu Again and again (and in debate after debate before) Christie has managed to turn almost every question he’s asked back around to a hit against Hillary Clinton. This time, he’s asked about his own Bridgegate scandal and reiterates he did nothing wrong but that Clinton did with her private email server while at State. Attorney) to take on Clinton, not another Washington politician..

Instead, he did a deal and dobbed in the people who he was associating with at the time and his sentence was reduced to two years.He later said, “When I went to jail, reality hit so hard that it took my breath away, took my stance away, took my strength away.” He said he considered suicide but his inner comic appeared and he began reinventing himself.3. Frank SinatraMost of the celebrities who have seen the inside of a jail cell have done so because of drugs, drunkenness and money issues.
Frank Sinatra, however, was arrested in New Jersey in 1938 for an affair with a married woman an illegal act at the time.Charged with “adultery and seduction”, he spent 16 hours inside before being released on a $1500 bond.

‘There was one occasion

in a charity match when I gave him the ball and he beat the entire England World Cup winning team. Alan Ball,cheap jerseys a wonderful player and a great friend of mine, came and whispered something in my ear. I won’t tell you what. Daniel plays guitar and bass in a metal band and studies art and illustration. Hayden is a computer games programmer starting up his own business (he plays piano, too). Adam loves to act and is a leader at a youth camp (until he can run for mayor of somewhere or other)..

Within the medical literature a range of methods has been used to measure compliance for example, biological measures such as assays or markers of drugs in body fluids, patient reports, medication counts, use of instrumentation (such as computerised medication dispensers) or measures of treatment outcomes. Each method has its own shortcomings.7 Health status or health outcomes are among the most frequently used measures but they can be the most problematic. Although adherence and health status are linked there have been few empirical tests of this association.

Stilt is the only player to score 100 points in a single game, and is one of two players to grab more than 50 rebounds in a single game. Chamberlain also enjoys the honor of being the only player to score more than 4,000 points in a single season. He retired gracefully with over 31,000 points, and nearly 24,000 rebounds.

Hey there and thank you for your information ? I definitely picked up something new from right here. I did then again expertise some technical issues the use of this website, as I skilled to reload the web site many instances prior to I may just get it to load correctly. I were puzzling over if your hosting is OK? No longer that I am complaining, however sluggish loading instances times will sometimes affect your placement in google and can damage your high quality score if ads and marketing with Adwords.

Top of pageAbstractVentilatory management patterns in very low birth weight newborns, particularly iatrogenic hypocapnia, http://www.cheapjerseys11.comhave occasionally been implicated in perinatal brain damage. However, such relationships have not been explored in large representative populations. To examine the risk of disabling cerebral palsy in mechanically ventilated very low birth weight infants in relation to hypocapnia and other ventilation related variables, we conducted a population based prospective cohort study of 1105 newborns with birth weights of 500 g born in New Jersey from mid 1984 through 1987, among whom 777 of 902 survivors (86 had at least one neurodevelopmental assessment at age 2 y or older.

Easy for him to say

He’s not talking about Warriors fans, who filled Oracle Arena on Sunday even though some were surely aware of Sterling’s jerseys Jackson is urging a boycott by long suffering Clippers fans who have helped put together an 137 game sellout streak.

The Nike Pro Hijab was developed after some Muslim athletes asked for a headdress that wasn’t as cumbersome as the traditional head scarf many of them wear. They also wanted one made of breathable fabric that wouldn’t overheat them. Nike’s hijab is stretchy and one piece, with a longer “tail” in the back that keeps it tucked in.

Forbidden Planet It exists in the real world as a cool store in lower Manhattan, but it also sells its products online. Named after the famous 1956 science fiction movie starring Leslie Nielsen, Forbidden Planet offers a treasure trove of action figures, clothes, books, comic books, graphic novels, DVDs, posters and toys. If you looking for a Hulk action figure, a T shirt celebrating the movie of the 50 Foot Woman or a poster of every actor who played Dr.

Coach, you taught my son to believe in you and not in himself. Principles of ethics, respect, and coach ability, these are concepts you put little stock in. Negative reinforcement and showcasing mistakes in a public manner was super motivating! Your true character was revealed over and over again.

Sometimes, a high level of PSA may indicate only non cancerous enlargement of the prostate. At the same time, low level of prostate specific antigen also does not rule out the possibility of cancer. The relative survival rate of prostate cancer for 10 years is around 90%.

4. Glove liners Don’t know how people ski without them! They add warmth and comfort under a slightly overlarge glove or mitten and offer great protection when the gloves are off. I prefer merino wool equipped with the ability to touch the screen of a smart phone.

Pourtant, l du c textile est en passe de devenir un luxe. Selon une men par le cabinet Sport+Markt , sp dans le conseil et l du march du sport,sac lancel pas cherzafrb 808295ujsml, le prix des maillots fran a progress de 7,air jordan,7 % par rapport la saison pr Indeed so. There were pages full of inconclusives for their machine and those that were OK, were very low in credit awarded.

After a couple pitches the umpire asked him to remove them. In the dugout as he was redressing he was in a hurry to get back out there and didn’t want to hold the game up. He wasn’t going to put his heart guard on but I insisted telling him there was no hurry take your time.

Conclusion: In IBS

, sx scores are not signif influenced by psychosocial factors with the exception of VE. QOL, however, is more signif influenced by visceral anxiety and depression than by sxs. These data demonstrate that sx based endpoints may be less confounded in clinical trials in IBS.

In the face of a hard hitting campaign by the other side, the island’s pro choicers have forged some unlikely alliances. Mrs Moore, former chief executive of Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, and Mrs McCathie, a rare out and proud Guernsey socialist, have not campaigned together before. Abortion, they claim, is also making first time activists of women more used to the charity, coffee morning or cocktail circuits than the dirty business of local politics.

The current Designs collection offers various pieces which are ideal for classical attire. Forever Classic is an especially appropriate piece and was inspired by the house of Coco Chanel. In this design, satin finished oval black beads offer a clean line and a rich luminescence for a simple yet dynamic pearl piece.

If you’re from Mobile, Ala., you know about the comfortable, wood paneled Dew Drop Inn. Not only is it one of the city’s oldest restaurants, having opened in 1924, it boasts a loyal clientele of regulars who don’t even need a menu and consider the waitstaff old friends. There’s a surprisingly expansive Southern tinged menu with a handful of hidden gems (like the oyster loaf, a smaller size oyster po’boy), but their hot dog, supposedly the first to reach this neck of the woods way back when, is a true standout.

“We brought the Miami Heat by and I could not believe, there’s all these multi millionaire athletes that are finding empty boxes, trying to stuff them more, taking 12 pairs of the same socks. I had to kick them out of the warehouse,” he said. “I think it was Norris Cole who was like ‘I buy two six packs of Hanes and that’s what I wear throughout the year.

When your pedal speed becomes too fast for the gear you in, shift. You can maintain the cadence or repeat the process, depending on how hard you want to ride.There are no hard and fast rules on interval times. You can try just holding the pace until you can maintain it any longer.

The fired worker, whose name was not immediately available, was wounded later in a shootout, police jerseys Jim Longebone said. He was taken to a hospital, but police would not give his condition.. The main peloton were three minutes 56 seconds back after a large number of riders went down on the wet roads.Quick Step rider Chavanel seized yellow from Swiss Fabian Cancellara, who held up the field to allow the likes of Armstrong, defending champion Contador and last year’s runner up Schleck to catch up following a number of spills on the slick Belgian roads.Cancellara then orchestrated a go slow in protest as the peloton crossed the line in union.Chavanel leads Cancellara by two minutes 57 seconds with German Tony Martin third a further 10 seconds back.”It’s a lot of emotion and it shows how the wheel can turn in cycling,” said Chavanel, who was injured on the same roads two months ago in the Liege Bastogne Liege classic.This time, Chavanel was among a minority of riders who did not crash on the descent of the Stockeu, 30km from the finish, and as rival Jurgen Roelandts tired, the Frenchman went for home 19.5km out.”I didn’t know what was going on behind me, although I did hear there’d been a crash. All I know is that I gave it everything I had,” he said.”But whether the stage ended up being neutralised or not, it doesn’t take anything away from my win.”American rider Christian Vande Velde, who broke two ribs in one of the crashes, later withdrew from the Tour after going to hospital.Vande Velde was one of five Team Garmin Transitions riders to be hurt, including David Millar, who suffered a potential broken rib, while Tyler Farrar fractured his left wrist, though he intends to start Tuesday’s stage.”He’s got significant injuries, so starting alone is a huge step, and from there we’ll have to see how he goes,” said Garmin’s Director Sportif Jonathan Vaughters of Farrar.Seven time champion Armstrong was another rider to go down in treacherous conditions and the 38 year old said afterwards: “It’s moments like that I wonder why I came off the beach, but I’ll be back at it tomorrow.”Armstrong’s team manager Johan Bruyneel said: “Lance is OK, he’s got a wound on his hip and his elbow.”Riding downhill was almost like ice skating. Almost half of the peloton crashed.”Sky team principal Dave Brailsford was left to survey injuries to a third of his nine man team, including Wiggins, who injured his leg.”It was ridiculously slippy,” said Brailsford.”They were coming down the last couple of descents and there were guys in the trees.”It was carnage in the true sense of the word.”Sixty guys must have crashed in different places.”A statement from Contador’s Astana team claimed a fuel spill was to blame for the slippery road: “Alberto was one of the many riders who suffered a fall on a road that had turned into a skating rink due to rain and, apparently, the loss of fuel of a motorcycle which had fallen minutes before the riders passed.”Britain’s David Millar is fourth overall, 3:17 back, with Armstrong 3:19 behind in fifth and Contador 3:24 behind in seventh.British sprinter Mark Cavendish, who crashed on Sunday, trailed home almost 10 minutes behind.Before the end of the stage, Cancellara agreed with the race commissionaire that no points classification sprint awards would be made at the finish to avoid further incident.”Everybody recognised what happened so I think there was a bit of common sense among the riders,” added Brailsford.”They might be competing, but I think there’s a degree of solidarity too.”But Thor Hushovd, who beat Cavendish to the green jersey in 2009 by 10 points, was annoyed that the non contested finish prevented him opening up a gap in the points race..

But it was unclear whether

the furious shootout with the male and female suspects was the end of a daylong manhunt after the mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. At the convention building at the Inland Regional Center where employees with the county health department were attending a holiday event.wholesale jerseys Witnesses said at least two shooters opened fire, killing 14 people..

He didn uggs have a chanel bags worry christian louboutin in discount oakley sunglasses the world uggs outlet back louboutin pas cher then. Nike kobe 9 He was in tods shoes paradise tiffany and co and didn know true religion outlet it. Yoga pants flab.

The film opens with an old lady walking into a vintage Parsi home and is shocked to see the chaotic condition of her house. The walls that were once neatly painted are now marked with football stains, the English floor tiles are soiled with wet mud and the vintage mahogany sofas have dirty football jerseys strewn all over it. The jerseys have names of star players Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney and Suarez.

“That’s amazing. Holy smokes, that’s really nice to hear. It’s been a good hockey career,” he said. Orbit adjustable pop up spray nozzles can water in arcs that range from 25 to 360 degrees. To adjust the arc, lift the nozzle out of the ground with the Orbit adjustment tool and clamp the tool around the sprinkler sleeve to keep it up. Rotate the sleeve until the indicator on the nozzle head faces the right side of the spray area.

After six brain operations, no one thought Watson would walk, write or talk again but he has defied those expectations. After partially recovering from his injuries, Watson sued the British Boxing Board of Control for negligence and was awarded around 1m. It was ruled that the Board should have been responsible for medical provision at the fight.

Covenant of Good Faith Exception Only recognized by 11 of the 50 states, this covenant looks at both the public policy and implied contract exception and takes them a step further. In states such as Massachusetts or Nevada (both are considered employee proactive states, more than employer), this clause basically outlaws the at will employment clause and states that if pursued in court, an employer must prove “just cause” as to why the employee was terminated. This means you better have documentation.

It’s funny, you know. The more time I spend with these pop ups, the more I feel the experience I think Fu is trying to In some ways these pop ups comprised of dozens of photographs are closer to a memory than a photo. Climbing Mount Kenya is very accessible and therein lies the problem. With a decent level of fitness, it is easy to gain altitude quickly and find yourself the on the night before summiting with a throbbing headache and all the symptoms of acute mountain sickness. Trekking with a good experienced guide, taking a sensible easy pace and keeping hydrated makes all the difference.

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